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Wei Violin is a professional violin company founded by Taiwanese violinist Chieh-Wei Chang that sells only “violins.” We are unique from the general string instrument stores domestically and abroad in that we focus in only one type of instrument, violins. Our principle is to uphold the “quality over quantity” feature of Taiwan’s traditional shops while practicing the “integrity first” business philosophy. Our job is to provide various grades of “violins” to violin students, teachers, performers, and collectors. From good quality violins for beginners, violins suitable for students majoring in music, as well as performers- and collectors-grade world renowned violins; we are confident that we can find the perfect violin to suit your needs. We also offer violin bows manufactured from different countries, which are also professionally classified to provide you with good choices.

Categories of Violins for Sale

World Famous Violins

Top musician-class instruments for higher budget buyers. We can find the favorite and rare high value-added collectible violins through special channels for the top-notch collectors.

Contemporary Violins

We offer a strict selection of contemporary violins created by outstanding violin makers from Italy and all over the world as well as transparent prices for the best products in order to meet the needs of contemporary violin buyers.

Modern and European Antique Violins

We offer a strict selection of European antique violins from the 18th to the 20th century. The sound quality and violin conditions are carefully selected. We can help you to find the most suitable instrument according to your budget and needs.

Chinese High Quality Violins

China is the largest violin producer today. However, quality varies for the instruments sold in the market. We offer high quality Chinese violins in various sizes for students of all ages who do not have a high budget but want to find a good instrument.

Acquisition and Sales Commission


We are willing to help our customers sell their old instruments to a new buyer. We provide professional instrument condition and price assessments, and enable the sellers to trade directly with the buyers. We will also buy the violin you no longer use with cash.

Violin Bow Sales


A violin needs a perfect bow to fully exert its exquisite sound. We offer all classes of European bows, contemporary bows, or good quality bows that are perfect for novice learners.

Maintenance Warranty


We regularly commission domestic and foreign violin makers as well as bow repair experts to provide repair and maintenance services for our customers.


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